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i hate to do this, but i need a hand with the funeral expenses. anything to help is appreciated.
Peasant Top App by theprophetgamer
Peasant Top App
Props to :iconvividexplorer: for the art!

Name: Peasant Top Lordan
Age: 87
Height: 7'3"
Alignment: Demon
Rank: Strongman
Base station: Demon HQ
Assignment: Frontline combat
Weapon:  Bass Cannon(zweihander), pyromancy

Bio: Not much to say, really. Peasant Top was something of a spoiled boy, living well off in Hell's Western sector, enjoying the easy life of the best food in the biggest house while playing with the fanciest toys. Every night, his dad would tall him a story about his dad's dad's dad, a proud, mighty knight that slew many angels in noble combat and put down many foul beasts that plagued the landscape. It would have been easy enough to have one of the help do this task, but his father felt it had more meaning when he was involved; Being a single father is a tough life to live, even with the wealth. Especially with the wealth.

A life of pampering did what you would expect to happen, Peasant was mighty haughty and often looked down on others of lesser status. The turnaround rate for housekeepers, maids, butlers,gardeners, plumbers, and so on took a noticible jump during this time, being driven away from a cushy job all because Peasant would literally drive them into the ground. Constant nagging and physical harm from bouts of 'roleplaying' his dad's dad's dad, reliving the stories we was told. Three stewards were hospitalized in a week from puncture wounds from a large wooden sword, and no-one would remain on the property long enough to clean the blood off the carpets.

Well, enough was enough. Peasant got one hell of a shock when his father told him his ass was getting shipped off to the army. He, of course, fought this punishment, calling it unfit and cruel for someone of his tender age. His father reminded Peasant that he was a fully grown man, clocking in a seven foot four and three hundred pounds, and that playtime was over LONG ago. Using his influence, he made damn sure his son got no special treatment, despite the protests of having to live with 'casuals'. Truth be told, the experience alone did him wonders; A few years of hard, laborious bootcamp with live fire drills tends to have a magical effect on folks like him.

Now much more humble, his hubris exchanged status with 'leet skillz' as Peasant Top would go to great lengths to prove his worth. While annoying at times, this boost in self-consciousness was for the best. He had amazing talent with large two-handed swords, and soon began to develop an interest in magic, specifically anything pertaing to fire. True, he CAN huck a baseball-size fireball all of  ten feet, but those ten feet were composed of PURE AWESOME.  Wishing to improve this talent, Peasant pleaded his case to transfer to a different sector with top-notch magic training. Only the best for the best, as he says.

He got his wish, if only to shut him up, and soon found himself on the way to New Daten. Ohhh, he's gonna be SO PRO!

Henshin: Existence VIP [link]
Often wears a hand-made mask resembling an exasperated bearded man when fighting. He says it 'gives his foes pause'.
Lordans have a history of breeding folks of giant stature, his great-grandfather being labeled as the tallest and mightiest of them all. A 'Father of Giants' if you will.
Loves Dubstep.
Practically addicted to an overly-sweet green soda.
A bit of a man-child. This does get him into trouble, but on the other hand, or because of it, feels a kinship of sorts with children.
Knows full well that male demons under the employ of this Potentate are a rarity, and boy does he love feeling special about it!
Loves the ladies. Maybe Chapeau can give him some tips.
i hate to do this, but i need a hand with the funeral expenses. anything to help is appreciated.


V.A.T.S for fun & profit!!!
United States
Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: metal
Operating System: Desktop: XP, laptop: Vista(unfortunatly)
MP3 player of choice: none
Shell of choice: turtle or artillery
Skin of choice: I like my own thank you very much
Favourite cartoon character: Cell, "Black Cat"Kuro, Lupin the III

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